Avoid from Water

Your Jewellery is allergic to water! The polish fades out faster and It looses it's shine when exposed to water. Here's what you can do to keep it shiny as new, keep it away while you go for a nice bath or dive into a swimming pool.

Keep away from Scents

Even perfumes and scents tarnishes it's polish and It loses it's shining coat. To prevent the shine of your jewellery, put it away when you apply perfumes and moisturizer.

Sleep Separately

We know how much you love your jewellery but you must sleep separately. It can get tangled up with itself and clothes or bedsheets which leads to the wear and tear of stones embedded in it. Put it to sleep in the box it came in, it's very comfortable for them there.

First Off, Last On

The golden rule to save your jewellery forever is, It should be the last thing you wear when getting ready to go somewhere and the first thing to remove when you return home. The longer you follow the rule the longer it will be the part of your collection.